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Frequently asked questions

Kid Eating Snappz

What Ingredients are in Apple Snappz?

Pure NZ apples, Vitamin C.

Are Golden fresh Apple snappz gluten free?

Yes, Apple Snappz are made from NZ apples and are 
Gluten Free.

How do apple snappz retain their appearance and freshness?

The apples are dipped in Vitamin C to maintain their flavour and colour. After the Vitamin C has been added, Apple Snappz will last for 21days provided they have been kept at 1-4°C.

Does the process change the taste of the apple?

No, you only enjoy the natural goodness of the fresh apple.

Our Story

Our Story

At just 20 and 18 two Cornes brothers, the founders of Golden Oak Apple Orchard, bought their first orchard in 1937. Picking apples during the day, then packing each apple individually in tissue paper at night. Fast forward to 2019 and over successive generations, that same amount of attention to detail has remained an integral part of the business.

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