Our Story

At just 20 and 18 two Cornes brothers, the founders of Golden Oak Apple Orchard, bought their first orchard in 1937. Picking apples during the day, then packing each apple individually in tissue paper at night. Fast forward to 2019 and over successive generations, that same amount of attention to detail has remained an integral part of the business.

As the orchard business grew and further blocks of land purchased, an Apple pack house was built to facilitate Packing and Exporting of apples. Continous additions over the years to the Pack House facilities and cool stores have been built to keep up with the increased volume of apples grown.

Fresh Slice currently operates the Orchards, Cold Storage and Packhouse facilities through to the processing factory which are all based in the Hawke's Bay. We are proud to offer a unique advantage to fully control the supply from Orchard to Customer.

Thanks to the fertile soils and fruit-friendly climate of Hawke's Bay, our apples enjoy the best growing conditions possible. By combining generations of horticultural expertise with the best of technological innovation, some outstanding results have been produced.

With the fully automated packaging facilities on-site at the orchard, we can ensure Fresh Slice apples are sliced and packaged in a modern facility.We believe managing the entire grow, harvest and supply process gives us a unique advantage to control supply from Orchard to Customer. Through this we ultimately protect our heritage of quality while meeting the demands and Food Safety Standards of the fresh, healthy and convenient snack market.

From blossoming to ripening, our apples are carefully nurtured to ensure they are the tastiest, crunchiest and juiciest!





Wow! Now my two kids eat apples and they even eat the skin! Thank-you Golden Fresh for a fantastic product, I’ve found it amazing value for money. Now on every shopping list!

Jimmy - Father of two sons


...it’s so easy to pop in their lunchboxes in the morning and it’s nice to know that they’re eating something healthy.My kids love them so much we buy a 5 pack every week.

Sarah - Mother of Tayla 7yrs and Hunter 6 yrs


Absolutely fantastic for kids with braces. Something they can eat and enjoy. I can’t keep my kids away from the fridge when they know I’ve got ‘Apple Snappz’ there.

Sandy - With 12 year old twins

Jenny  Mc Donald

I am no longer going to try and buy apples when your product is so easy to access, is so convenient and is alway top notch! 

My Father loved Apples but had false teeth and the performance to eat an apple was excruciating. I just wish this product had been around when he was alive as apple were his favourite fruit!

Jenny Mc Donald - Rotorua

Mad about apples!

Mad about apples!

  • 1 medium sized apple equals one of 5+ a day
  • 1 medium sized apple contains 15% of the recommended daily vitamin C intake
  • The fructose in apples are digested slowly and keep your energy level up for a longer time.
  • Store apples in the fridge to keep them crisp!